Overseas CIS Products

Some CIS products are only available and supported through specific CIS locations. This is normally due to differing electrical standards between countries.




MinderPRO    (Malaysia)

Clipsal MinderPRO is one of the most advanced and user friendly, premise controller and security systems available today. It is used to integrate the entire home's security, lighting and entertainment services, to create a comfortable and relaxing home environment. The Clipsal MinderPRO is a security system with home automation functions and can interface to C-Bus.


MinderPRO is not the same product as Clipsal Homeminder.


MinderPRO is sold and supported only through the CIS Malaysia office.

MinderPRO @ CIS Malaysia




Scenemaster ( 220 Vac model Malaysia )

SceneMaster Lighting Controller is an elegant wall mounted C-Bus unit which provides a simple interface for the user to set lighting scenes and therefore completely change the look and mood of the space. It is designed for places that require frequent alterations of light intensity and control of lighting.


SceneMaster Lighting Controller easily co-oridnates the control of lighting groups and setting of lighting scenes.  There is also a dedicated C-Bus version of this product that is sold globally and supported by normal CIS support channels.


Scenemaster ( 220 vac model ) is sold and supported only through the CIS Malaysia office. 

Scenemaster 220 volt @ CIS Malaysia 



Premise Gateway ( Malaysia )

The Clipsal PremiseGateway is the solution for users to access control systems over the Internet, whilst providing broadband sharing and security services for devices on home or office LANs.

The Clipsal PremiseGateway acts as both a router to enable internal users to share an Internet connection, and as a secure gateway allowing authorized users to connect to control systems such as C-Bus, EZinstall, Clipsal MinderPRO, CentralAXS or other systems such as video servers and web-servers. All of these services are provided in a state of the art security and firewall framework. End users can access their control, security, CCTV and automation systems and LAN remotely, secure in the knowledge that they are doing so in a secure manner with industrial grade certification, authentication and encryption technology.


When used in conjunction with the Clipsal Portal, the Clipsal PremiseGateway enables users to connect to remote systems using a standard low cost DSL connection - this avoids the requirement for expensive fixed IP addresses. The Clipsal PremiseGateway currently supports Clipsal control system products for lighting, power, access control, CCTV and automation applications. Subsequent releases of the Clipsal PremiseGateway will support a range of new Clipsal products and services as well as a wide range 3rd party products, protocols and services.


Premise Gateway is sold and supported through the CIS Malaysia office.

Premise Gateway @ CIS Malysia                         




Marshalling Box   ( UK / England )

The C-Bus Marshalling Box Units are lighting control devices, which, as part of the extensive C-Bus range of building control and management products, simplify the planning, electrical design, and installation of automated lighting control systems for commercial building fit-outs.


These units are specifically designed for the UK market and support a cabling layout / termination method common to the UK market.  They have not been submitted for Australian Approvals.


C-Bus Marshalling Boxes are sold and supported only through the CIS
UK / England office.


3 versions are available:

  • Relay switching,                                        datasheet 
  • Relay switching with 0-10volt dimming,     datasheet
  • DSI switching and dimming,                      datasheet