C-Bus Wiring

C-Bus Wiring Info


No specific point to specific point wiring is required for the C-Bus "Key inputs". All C-Bus input and output units are looped together with C-Bus pink Cat-5 UTP ( un-shielded twisted pair ) cable.

Cbus wiring pairs


The outer pink sheathing on the C-Bus Cat-5 cable has been tested and certified to Australian Standard -

AS 3147 - 1992,  Electrical cables - Thermoplastic insulated for working
                             voltages up to and including 0.6/1 kV


 Copy of Australian Standards Certification for C-Bus pink cable


This certifies that the Clipsal Integrated Systems pink C-Bus cable is suitable for use in electrical distribution boards with relevant segregation .


Use of other CAT-5 cables may contravene Australian wiring Standards and affect your eligibility for "extended warranty" periods on C-Bus products. 



C-Bus units do not need to be wired in any particular order on the C-Bus network.  The ( + ) and ( - ) C-Bus terminals on each C-Bus unit are connected to the appropriate conductors on the C-Bus network. These two conductors carry an extra low voltage power supply for the electronics in each C-Bus unit, and also allow digital control signals to be sent between units.


C-Bus single network example wiring (200kb pdf)



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