Application Notes


Application Notes

Application Notes now take the place of the previous CIS Newsletters. They are typically used to explain various C-Bus  installation and programming configurations. These publications can also be found on the http://www.cbusforums.com.


The Application Notes are sorted into the categories below.




These Application Notes provide information on various topics related to functionality, installation and programming.


11-002-1   C-Bus Network Bridges - Looping Back 

11-001-1   Black & White MkI Touch Screen - Adapter Cable 

07-001-1   4 Channel Changeover Relays with Motors 

07-002-1   Clipsal Software Operating Parameters

06-001-1   12 Channel Dimmer E11 Error

06-002-1   5100PC Interface and DIN Rail Power Supplies

06-003-1   Enable a Network Burden Using Learn Mode

06-004-1   Enable C-Bus Clocks Using Learn Mode

06-006-1   C-Bus Network Interface Bandwidth Usage

06-016-1   Testing the General Input Unit's Channels

06-017-1   C-Bus Run On Timers

06-018-1   DSI Communication

06-019-1   Enable & Disable Status After A power Failure

06-021-1   PIR Disable Parameter

06-022-1   Avoiding A PIR Lock Up After Disabling

06-023-1   Combining Multi Sensor And Neo Functions

06-025-1   12 Channel Dimmer Remote Override

06-026-1   Light Level Sensor Function

06-027-1   12 Channel Dimmer DMX Only Mode

06-032-1   CNI Programming 

06-056-1   Controlling Wired C-Bus from a Wireless Remote

00-000-0   C-Bus Networks and Design

00-000-0   C-Bus Glossary of Units and terminology used

00-000-0   Calculations for determining C-Bus voltages on a network.

00-000-0   Reserved "application address" numbers.




PICED / HomeGate / Schedule Plus

These Application Notes provide information on various topics related to the functionality of the given software. Programming examples are also provided.


05-001-1   Using Standard AV Infrared Codes with C-Bus Touch


06-005-1   Automatically Starting Up Schedule Plus

06-007-1   Colour Touch Screen Software Burden

06-009-1   Configuring Access Control

06-010-1   C-Touch Calibration

06-012-1   Exporting to an Archive

06-013-1   Importing an Archive

06-014-1   Realtime Clocks

06-015-1   Schedule Plus Log Files

06-024-1   Animated Images

06-042-1   Toolkit operating with Scheduleplus

06-043-1   C-Bus Colour Touchscreen CF CARD update for using

                  HTML components and IP cameras in your project.

For replacement CF card please email ctcflash_upgrade@cispl.com.au

Required details in your email:

         Business Name

         Contact name

         Phone Number

         Mobile Number

         Fax Number

         Email Address

         Postal Address

         Preferred method of Contact

         Site Details





These Application Notes provide programming examples, on how to perform various tasks with the logic engine.


There are currently no Application Notes available for this topic.



Multi Room Audio

These Application Notes provide information on various topics related to functionality, installation and programming of the Multi Room Audio product line.


06-041-1   Multi-Room Audio and Labels


Configuring MRA with Toolkit Software

Configuring MRA with MARPA Software

Configuring MRA with PICED Software

Configuring C-Bus Ripple Software




These Application Notes provide information on various topics related to the use and functionality of C-Gate.


06-008-1   Commands for the C-Gate Command Interface

06-027-1   C-Gate Out Of Memory Error

06-028-1   C-Gate V2 Log Files

06-033-1   Remote Access to C-Gate

06-037-1   C-Gate on an AppleMac Operating System

06-039-1   C-Gate opening slowly




These Application Notes provide information on other topics of interest.


06-011-1   Decimal, Hexadecimal & Percentage Conversions

06-020-1   Multipoint To Multipoint Interrogation

06-040-1   Dimming in ServerX