Wiser Home Control

Clipsal a C-Bus Wiser Home Control makes using the technology in your home easier and more convenient by providing seamless control of music, home cinemas, air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler system, security - you name it.

You get the same look and feel for everything, anytime, anywhere; from a light switch, a touch screen, a home computer, or even from your flat screen TV, as you are about to watch a movie.

Wiser Home Controller

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi based controller for your C-Bus system
  • Built-in Ethernet router
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access point
  • Support for lighting, air-conditioning,multi-room audio and other equipment
  • Easy to understand Wizard based user interface graphics
  • Build-in scene, scheduling and logic programming modules
  • Easily reprogrammable from outside your home/building by installers

Click here for more information and click here to explore the Wiser Home Control interactive demo.


Wiser Home Controller 5200PG


Wiser Home Controller

Wiser Home Control is the first to truly integrate your electrical, multi-media and telecommunications technologies into one single user-friendly solution.