C-Bus Wireless


The C-Bus Wireless product range incorporates a family of C-Bus Radio Frequency (RF) devices, including Wall Switches, Plug Adaptors, Remote Control and a Gateway to Cat-5 Wired C-Bus units.


C-Bus Wireless Wall Switches are designed to easily replace standard, 240V wall switches.  They incorporate patented Clipsal technology and are two wires devices requiring no Neutral (240VAC Active and Load connections only).


All C-Bus Wireless units incorporate Clipsal C-Busí unique Learn Mode functions for programming devices. Wall Switches, Plug Adaptors and the Gateway unit can also be programmed via the C-Bus Toolkit software.  Multiple C-Bus Wireless units can be linked into a common network using Learn Mode.


Associations can be created between buttons on multiple units, so that a button press on one unit will operate a button on another (and the connected lights or other electrical devices).


C-Bus Wireless units include scene capabilities, which allow the user to perform a series of actions across multiple outputs by pressing a single button.  For example, on arrival home a home owner could use a scene to switch on lights in the hallway, kitchen and lounge, and also switch on a heater.


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Wall Switches

Plug Adaptors

Hand Held Remote

C-Bus Wireless Gateway