Telephone Interface

The C-Bus Telephone Interface offers a dial in and dial out facility, permitting control and status monitoring for a C-Bus system. It also includes an audio output, so that C-Bus events can be audibly announced.


The Telephone Interface is programmed using a connection to a PC running special configuration software. The interface to the PC also permits the Telephone Interface to be made transparent, so it can also act as a 5500PC C-Bus PC Interface.  Thus, using the Telephone Interface, C-Bus can be programmed and configured either locally or from a remote site using a data modem.


The Telephone Interface is suitable for connection to the telephone network using a Mode 3 connection, in parallel, or by insertion into the local circuit. It can be installed either as a stand-alone item with connection to C-Bus, or installed into a Clipsal StarServe cabinet.


Telephone Interface 5100TAU


C-Bus Telephone Interface