LCD Switches (DLT)

Dynamic Label Technology (DLT)


One of the biggest problems people find with home control is the difficulty in remembering which buttons do what. Clipsal have now solved that problem with user friendly Dynamic Labelling Technology™ (DLT).


An Australian first, Clipsal's DLT is available in the C-Bus Saturn and Neo wall switches and allows the buttons to be electronically labelled according to your needs. The units have eight function buttons over two pages, a backlight for easy viewing, and support up to eight languages.





DLT Wall Switch, Saturn Style, 5 Button

Product also available in:

Stainless Steel - 5085DL-J80

Facias can also be ordered seperatly:

White - 5085DF,GF
Black - 5085DF-60
Cream - 5085DF-30
Mid-Brown - 5085DF-70
Stainless Steel - 5085DF-J0





DLT 5055DL


Neo Wall Switch, 5 Button

Product available in:

White/Silver - 5055DL-28
Black/Silver - 5055DL-68
Black - 5055DL,BK
Cream - 5055DL,CM
Desert Sand - 5055DL,DS
Battleship Grey/Silver - 5055DL,GB
Soft Grey - 5055DL,SG
White - 5055DL,WE