Input Units


C-Bus input units are intelligent devices that allow C-Bus to respond to real world actions or events and send programmable messages to the C-Bus Network.  An example of real world actions and events which can be interpreted by C-Bus input units are:

  • The press of a switch
  • Movement
  • Light level changes
  • Temperature changes
  • The touch on a touch screen
  • The press on a handheld Remote Control
  • A specific time

C-Bus is able to interpret these real world actions, and is programmed by the installer to cause a response (or series of responses) based on this action in the real world (via C-Bus Output Units).  This real world C-Bus response could be, for example, to dim lights, switch air conditioning units, close blinds, switch on a TV, or a combination of the actions.


A wide range of C-Bus input units are available to suit specific application requirements. C-Bus input units that are seen by the user, such as wallmounted switches, touch screens and scene controllers, are available in various styles and colours to suit the interior decor.


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General Input Unit


Bus Coupler

LCD Switches (eDLT)

LCD Switches (DLT)

Auxiliary Input Unit

Standard Switches

Temperature Sensor

Metal Plate Switches

IR Receivers

Touch Screens

Scene Controllers

PIR Motion Detectors

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